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Hosting outside the box...
Its About Time you forget everything you know about limits.

OK, so you're here because you're looking for hosting. We'll make things Simple for you.

Here's where all those "other companies" tell you you get "just this much space", "only that much bandwith", a "limited number of those" ... Oh, and "an extra charge to add that".

Why in the world would you lock yourself into such a restricting hosting "box"?
Personally we think that would be pretty stiffiling.

We think "Unlimited" and "Free" are much more comfortable words to use.
Thinking Traditional Hosting Plans?  Think Again.
(Its much nicer outside that cramped "box" anyway!)

So, we're a little bit different here.
Some call us abnormal... But we're OK with that!
(and we think once you get to know us, you will be too).

Outside the box is good. (unless you're the cat...)

* Take advantage of our Good Mood...
We've More Than DOUBLED the Storage Space on our plans at no extra cost!
YOU get all the Extra Space For FREE!

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